Naturopathic Services – Dr. Darcy Ries
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Naturopathic Services

You are an individual and my naturopathic treatment plans are designed to address you a whole person rather than just a condition. Below are a few areas of concern we can address while working together towards your health care goals.

Lab Testing

Lab testing can be an important diagnostic tool to help adequately gauge your current health status and monitor ongoing conditions and improvements.

Conventional Testing

Conventional laboratory testing includes all standard blood and urine tests which are billable to insurance plans. We can order blood work and collect other lab specimens for acute diagnosis or for management of an existing health condition. Regular monitoring can also be done to map treatment progress. Examples include thyroid testing, liver function tests, urinalysis, blood glucose, insulin, iron levels, etc.

Specialty Testing

Specialty lab testing is also available to our patients.  We partner with specialty lab companies offering testing not available at conventional medical offices. Specialty tests include panels to assess adrenal health, digestive health, SIBO, cardiac risk assessment/reduction, micronutrient status, and food sensitivity and allergy testing.

Botanical Medicine

Natural, botanical medicines help you heal and thrive by addressing imbalances, fortifying your body, and targeting the source of illness.

Nutritional Medicine

Food is medicine! We’ll analyze your nutrition and to make sure you’re eating foods that fuel and heal your body.

Women’s Healthcare

General wellness and specific care for PMS, menstrual disorders, fertility concerns, and menopause; thyroid health

Digestive Health

Common conditions treated include constipation, loose stools, gas and bloating, heartburn/reflux, nausea/vomiting, hemorrhoids, gallbladder and liver concerns.


This treatment utilizes contrasting hot and cold applications and sine wave therapy to enhance circulation, stimulate the immune system, and tonify the nervous and digestive systems. It is most indicated for chronic digestive complaints and for both the prevention and acute treatment of colds and flu.

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